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Hi! (I'm sorry if I'm bothering you). I'm talking about me and my parents ^^ We've heard that Lisbon is really interesting, it's near the beach and it isn't that far from Spain so we can go by car. I hope you've a great time there, hugs for you too!

Oh, no. No. No. No. You’re not bothering me at all. :) It’s always nice to talk. :)

Oh, so you’re from Spain? :) Well, Lisbon and Porto are my two favourite cities in Portugal! Lisbon is getting more famous and successful for its atmosphere and hotelary. :) I remember the first time I went to Lisbon, me and my mom woke up at 4 am and we arrived in Lisbon at 6 am and we were walking the streets all by ourselves and saw the sun rise on top of the city with the river and ocean ahead. :) It was beautiful. ^^

No I don't know it :( Maybe we'll go to Portugal (Lisbon) on holidays so I was just curious... Have a nice day too! :)

Hello again, anon! :)

Oh, that’s great! Any reason for going to the capital of Portugal? :)

Well, that’s a surprise! I think I’m also going to Lisbon these holidays since I have known people there and a place to stay. :)

But, may I ask who is the “we” your referering too? :)

Have a nice day!

Hugs! ^^

Can I ask you which city or village of Portugal are you from?

Hello, anon. :)

Yes, you can. :) I’m from Coimbra. :)

But, now it’s my turn to ask: Do you know it?

Normally, people just ask which country I’m from.

Continuations of a good day/night. ^^

Fanfiction Masterpost of Saruhiko Fushimi x Misaki Yata

Because reading is such a beautiful and educational activity that should be forever threasured, what happens when you join reading with the topics you like? Magic happens, isn’t it? :)

This is why I decided to share fanfictions that captured my heart as I read every word written in them. But these are not just regular fanfictions.

These are wonderful Sarumi fanfictions for everyone to read! ^^

I’m always looking for updates and new stories I haven’t read to spend my time doing something I love, which I think everyone loves reading anyway. :)

WARNING: These fanfictions will make your heart break; cry; laugh; smile; happy; sad; angered; ashamed; shy…

The list is not by preference order, since I love them all. ^^

So, here is my list (which will suffer updates as time flows):

I hope you like them! ^^

Please, share your love and encouragment to these awesome writes by reviewing, rate, favourite and follow! :)

Portuguese Literature Required to Learn at School - Summary
"Os Lusíadas": The Discoveries Reign - look at all the fucking glory that went down the drain.
"Alto da Barca do Inferno": Irony. Irony everywhere. Everybody goes to hell.
"Sermão de Santo António aos Peixes": Let me gossip with the fishes about all the shit I can think about Humans.
"Frei Luís de Sousa": 20 years. 8 days. 2 Fridays. 1 bastard. Fate attacks. Shit, the King is back!
"OS MAIAS": Fucking siblings. / Two brothers. One incest.

Feeling so, so bad after my birthday. My finals’ grades weren’t what I was expecting at all. :(
I feel like spending my summer vacations in my room, everything dark and silent, only sleeping.
That’s definitely a birthday gift I wasn’t expecting from the Universe. ;c
I just wanted to make my family proud…. T-T

I’m sorry about this.

Ready for my official 17 year old dinner! ;D

Meanwhile, thank you everyone who sent me a “happy birthday!”. ^^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY!!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I hope you get all the happiness (and fushimis) in the world!

Hello, Emma, darling! ^^

Oh, thank you so much, darling. <3 Such a sweet message for me. I feel so ashamed for not being able to answer in a proper way… o///o 

I hope you get all happiness from the Universe! In comparison to me, you’re so older, that I look to you as a senpai! ^^

For Fushimi’s happiness, I guess everyone wants that too. ^^

Thank you again, dear, for so much love. <3

Lots of hugs, beautiful senpai! ^^

Marley, our beautiful Queen, happy birthday! I hope you will create incredible memories today :)

Hello, honey! :)

Oh, thank you so much, dear! ^^ Another year getting older. ;)

*gasps* Q-Queen? B-b-beautiful? No, no, no. You’re beautiful and all the amazing things. As for Queen, I guess Anna will fill that role for me? ;)

Thank you again for your message. ^^

Have a great day too! ^^

Lots of hugs!

Happy Birthday Marley!

Hello, darling! :)

Oh, thank you so much. ^^ You sent me a message a little too earlier, that’s why I only answered you now. ^^”
Still, thank you again for the message! ^^

Lots of hugs!