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Happy happy birthday, Marley~! I hope that you have a wonderful day and get to eat a lot of cake. u w u -Skips around while sprinkling pictures of Fushimi around you-

Hello, darling! ^^

Oh, thank you so much! ^^ I did have a good day, thank you. ^^

I did eat a LOT of things in my birthday. There it goes my fit form for the beach. :o

*sees the pictures of Fushimi*  *tries to contain self* BEST PRESENT EVER! ‘Shimi I don’t know what I’d do if you were real… Jesus. This level of perfection shouldn’t exist! *o*

Thank you again so much, darling!

May you be happy, dear! :D

Lots of hugs! 

(Sorry for the late answer. T-T)

OMG! It's your birthday today, Marley :) Happy birthday and enjoy this day.


Thank you so much! I did enjoy it! ^^

Such a long time since we last talked… :o

We have to change that. ;)

May you be happy, dear friend! :D

Lots of hugs! 

(Sorry for the late answer. T-T)

Oh is it your birthday? Have a fantastic birthday! Glad to know you're better now c:

Hello, darling. :)

Yes, it was my birthday the day you sent me this message, you were right! ^^ Thank you so much! I did have it. :)

Thank you again for your concern! ^^

May you be happy, dear! :D

Lots of hugs! 

(Sorry for the late answer. T-T)

Very happy birthday, Marley! May you enjoy the day to the fullest and celebrate your birthday for a whole lot of years after this one, in good health and happiness.

Hello, honey! ^^

Oh, thank you so much! ^^ Yes, it was a good day. 17 from now on until next year. ;)

I wish you all the happiness and health in the world for you and your family! 

Thank you again, darling! :D

May you be happy! 

Lots of hugs for you!

(Sorry for the late answer. T-T)

Marley,you look very pretty in that picture you uploaded! ~Kisses & hugs :)

Hello, dear anon! ^^

Oh, thank you so much. ^///^ I’m glad you liked it. You made me blush like a tomato! ^/////^ 

I bet you are very pretty too! ^^

Lots of hugs and kisses for you, dear! :*

(Sorry for the late answer. T-T)

The amazing Red King, Suoh Mikoto! 

This image is quite impressive because not only it is a perfect cosplay but also a perfect drawing! That’s right!

Unfortunately, a friend of mine sent it to me and I don’t know its source.

Please, if you know the source or the artist, add it here!!


Saw K missing kings, it was disappointing but it had a lot of cute scenes and at one point Misaki blushes while thanking Fushimi, so it was worth it for that alone xD

A teaser from the lovely satsuki_mizuwho updated this scene from the K Missing Kings movie. :)

Again, this videos don’t belong to me. Show your gratitude to the kind user satsuki_mizu:)

satsuki_mizu updated this video with the only purpose of the soundtrack!


A photographer does every pose necessary to get the ultimate photo.

(c) Model: me (my hair is still too short… T-T)

(c) Photo: JV

Hi! (I'm sorry if I'm bothering you). I'm talking about me and my parents ^^ We've heard that Lisbon is really interesting, it's near the beach and it isn't that far from Spain so we can go by car. I hope you've a great time there, hugs for you too!

Oh, no. No. No. No. You’re not bothering me at all. :) It’s always nice to talk. :)

Oh, so you’re from Spain? :) Well, Lisbon and Porto are my two favourite cities in Portugal! Lisbon is getting more famous and successful for its atmosphere and hotelary. :) I remember the first time I went to Lisbon, me and my mom woke up at 4 am and we arrived in Lisbon at 6 am and we were walking the streets all by ourselves and saw the sun rise on top of the city with the river and ocean ahead. :) It was beautiful. ^^