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Meanwhile in Portugal, a magazine publishes the results of a research made by an Australian company called “SearchFactory” about the most bizarre questions made on Google.


- Does Santa exist?
- Why did I get married?
- How to win the lottery?
- Is Lady Gaga a man?
- Why do men have nipples?
- How to ask a men out?
- How to heal a broken heart?
- How to have an affair?
- How to get away with a murder?
- How to hide a body?

Since summer holidays are finishing , here’s my summer reading. All these books are recommend!
Such beautiful masterpieces… *-*

【K】These guys are annoying.



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"The Best Offer"! Oh MY my!!! Don't mention this film or I start crying!!! ╥﹏╥... One of the best films made ​​recently...but it's too SAAAAAAAAD!!! .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

Oh, dear Kai! You know it too? T~T
My Mom loves cinema like me so she’s always updated on it. We watched it last week and… It was very heart crushing. But, deep inside, I always knew the girl had a odd behaviour for a sick person like the one she “was”. I’ve read a lot about psychological issues and when she went out of the house because He had been beaten up, I knew she was up to something. A person don’t get over a trauma like that in seconds. A fear with more than 10 years couldn’t be beaten like that, even though if we think that was real love. The brain of those people does not process much things if a trauma or the fear is present at that moment. :(
Furthermore, I’ve always suspected that the blonde dwarf was someone important because the camera always focused on her when he went to that bar. :/
It seems that people are focusing a lot on this issue because recently I saw a televison novel with protagonists facing the same topic. :o

TRACK NAME: fushimi battou


Fushimi.. battou


Suspended Monorail Train System located in Japan. The First two sets are inspiration used towards the Shizume City High School in Project K.

The second features Wuppertal Schwebebahn, the world’s first electric powered suspended monorail.

It’s origin started in Germany. There is also a historical type of suspension monorail developed by German inventors Nicolaus Otto and Eugen Langen in the 1880s. It was built in the twin cities of Barmen and Elberfeld in Wupper Valley, Germany, opened in 1901, and is still in operation.

Source: K


Behind the poster explained!

Under the rain, Saruhiko chased after Misaki who appeared to be frail and weak-willed ; w ; /