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So, Marley told me to bring her some books and other stuff that were in her bedroom, only to find out a big-ass poster and the only poster.

Now, you would probably expect her to have some K Project posters on her bedroom or other anime posters.

The thing is the only big-ass poster she has is one with all the irregular English verbs.

I’m laughing too hard.

Leon, I love that poster.

It was given to me when I started learning English, which was at 9 years old.

I always wanted to learn English. ^^

From looking so many times at it, I memorized all those English verbs and its forms. :)

I actually felt sad when I saw this smiling face.
Thank Yata for staying by Fushimi’s side and making him smile like this. But I don’t want it was all the past. As much as I adore Fushimi, I want him to be happy, to smile like this more and more.
Fushimi is a complex character and I know he is usually mistaken for a pervert, a weirdo. Fushimi is, in fact, not a psycho like how he acts in K anime, but a sweet one. He cares about people, but he just doesn’t show it frequently. And I really love this part of him.
I once had a selfish wish that Fushimi’s feelings towards Yata lasted forever. But the more I grow to love him, the more I want him to find his own happiness. If someone can make him happy and smile like this again, then I’m sure, that person will have my gratefulness.


I realized that I had the first 5 episodes of K Project on my computer and I was watching episode 4 only to notice that in the box Kukuri was carrying was a Rubik’s cube.

Was it on purpose or by accident?

Those are the squares I was talking about, but I think now that they may be only books, as some people stated. Still, they look like squares of the Rubik’s cube in this perspective. :o

I realized that I had the first 5 episodes of K Project on my computer and I was watching episode 4 only to notice that in the box Kukuri was carrying was a Rubik’s cube.

Was it on purpose or by accident?

You know what, sometimes I just visit your tumblr just to listen to your playlist. It's beautiful.

Hello, anon. :)

Oh, thank you. I feel really happy that you like my playlist. ^^

Honestly, I like to update it regularly with new musics so when I have time and good internet I expect to upload it. :)

Thank you for your lovely message, anon. ^^ It’s nice to hear those things. :)

Hello. :)

I am so sorry for not been able to reply to everyone on time and not been able to post some translations yet because I am still on the hospital and I have not been able to be online as much as I want.

So, I apoligize to all of those who unfollowed me and those I disappointed. :(

Thank you for reading.

I'm so sorry to hear what happened! Feel better soon, I hope you're okay! xx

Hello, dear. :)

It’s alright. Suffering helps us grow as a person and makes us stronger later in life.

Now, that everybody knows all the personal problems I had, it’s also my “gift” or so to speak, to the others. They are not alone in these situations. It affects more people than we imagine and people may see certain people who cheerful and positive, kind and affectionate and think their lives are perfect.

You may never know the what the other has been throught all his/her life.

I’m slowly recovering. I need time but I think I will heal. 

Thank you for your support and taking the time to send me this message. :)

you're awesome ♥ stay strong

Hello, dear. :)

Thank you so much for your message even small, it is overflowing with kindness. Thank you, sweetheart. <3

You were one of the first people I followed and seeing a message of you in my askbox, truly brings back memories. :’)

Keep your awesomness, dear. Although we never talked, I could always see that you were a lovely person everybody should meet. :)

Don’t change.  <3

Yiisss Marley is such a cute name!! And welcome back lovely person please don't push yourself

Hello, sweety. :)

Oh, thank you. :) It was my great-grandmother’s name. :)

Thank your for welcoming back with this message. :) I’ll try not to push myself but I am getting tired of spending my time in the hospital. It’s like being a bird in a cage.

Thank you again for your support. :)

I realized you have many posts telling little bits in a "hidden" way of your life and others where you just talk about your problems at all. I wanted to ask: doesn't it bother you to put your life or some aspects of it here, where everyone can see?

Hello, anon. :)

No. Not really. You may think I am a person who opens her life for everyone, but I am actually pretty closed up when it comes to talking about my life and its issues. Before my 10 years old, I was fine sharing everything when my friends needed, like when going through a bad moment. I still do that but I am afraid when I do it because I can hurt, just like when it happened with my first best friend. Just like that, she started to dislike me because she told a teacher that a book was her and the teacher found out it was mine, and we were just kids. I was in 5th grade and my best friend betrayed me just like that by telling everyone my secrets I had shared with her and starting to cyberbully me.

I suffered all my 5th grade putting up against bullying and cyberbullying because of her. I received so many messages with words of hate like: “Kill yourself.”, “good for nothing”, “weirdo”, “know it all”… that I just turned my mobile phone after 2 weeks to never turn it on for 8 months.

But, I was just little at that time. I would come home and cry and my parents didn’t knew why. I begun to get sick and not going to school because of my nerves and fear and after going to hospital so many times, the doctors told my parents that I was showing signs of depression and there was something going on in school that trigered my sicknesses.

That really hurted me and today, because of it, my confidence is not that high. Of course I changed towards my fear of people as I grew up, because the world is full of broken promises but also full of chances not given to others. I always believed that others always had a light inside them and my best friend, I still believe she had. Because my feelings and memories I had with her were not fake, I could forgive her today and be friends with her again.

Wow, I really talked a little bit about my life where but I just wanted to say that even after everything, this is a place where I found really amazing and kind people, just like I imagined when I was small. It’s like that child inside of me is just smilling because she was happy - through her life she really found friends she could call family, and this site applies just like she envisoned.

When you’re a family, you love each other no matter what you have done, what is your past and where you came from. 

A family consists of trust. And that’s what I have here.

Besides, when I came here I decided that I just didn’t want to be “that internet friend who you know nothing of” like schools say. Rather I would always hate that definition and I would rather show who I am than just let people think of everything except me.